Pigeon Lofts

How to Build a Pigeon Loft

Pigeons can easily adapt to almost any given situation and this is why they are one of the best pets an owner could ask for. Give them their living essentials and the right environment, and they can easily do the rest. However, you have to be more meticulous when you want to raise a pigeon for racing. In this case, how a pigeon’s loft is designed plays a big role in making sure that they will be raised to their full potential.

How to Build a Pigeon Loft in your Backyard

If you wish to construct proper housing for your racing pigeons you will want to build a backyard pigeon loft that is the proper size and provides adequate ventilation.

It is also a good idea to first check with your area home association and your local city and county regulations to make sure you follow all rules and regulations.

Free Backyard Pigeon Loft Plans

pigeon loft

Please follow the link below or click the download now button to view free plans on how to build you own backyard pigeon loft.

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Click here for free pigeon loft plans.

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